LifeSaver v0.1b

posted by Sylpher @ 4:23pm, Saturday 26 September 2009.

I made a thing!


I grew tired of saving games constantly so I made this little utility to do it for me.

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1 Whole Pixel

posted by Sylpher @ 10:15pm, Wednesday 11 March 2009.

My proto-engine has been going well.

That is the sentence I would say had I made a post yesterday. Today is another story. Not to suggest that things are going bad in code land, on the contrary I have made good progress. But I ran into one of those bugs that you should probably walk away, take a break, relax a while, but I CANNOT! I know it is some small detail I am overlooking in my math, as is often the case, but my brain will not work through it.

For some reason my collision detection has this halo of 1 pixel around it that when the hitbox collides with something they get fused together like dogs in heat. My collision detection is nothing fancy, it isn't even per-pixel detection so all I have to do is check for overlap in rectangles.

The purpose of this post is to do something else so that hopefully the answer will come rushing in all at once in a sweet and blissful realization.

Any minute now...

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Dude! Update already!

posted by Sylpher @ 8:49pm, Friday 6 March 2009.

Oh, hello.

[insert excuses about not updating for so long]

Right, moving along. I've been coding a lot lately, and forcing myself to not start a project. It was difficult at first to turn off the impulse in my brain that once I learned a new concept to not immediately try to think of a way to implement it into a project somehow. I guess the ideas still flood in, but the important thing is I am refusing to act on the ideas and this has helped me really buckle down and focus on improving my skills without the pressure of a project.

Of course this sounds obvious now, but it is quite difficult to stop habits sometimes. My only real goal at this point is to get a solid understanding of a game engine and various ways to implement them. I'm trying to build myself a decent engine that I can do rapid prototyping in. If I can get to that point I will very likely post any throw away prototypes I make on here. Naturally the ones I would like to do more with I would keep slightly closer to my chest, but I would probably release them sooner or later.

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Return of the Blind Cat!

posted by Sylpher @ 11:33am, Saturday 11 October 2008.

If you saw the blind cat that is in my photo album then this video might pull at your heart strings.


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Outlaws - The Cliffs

posted by Sylpher @ 8:30am, Saturday 30 August 2008.

The Cliffs are up here and here. Only using knives and dynamite on this one. The final level is just around the corner.

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